Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm an adult?

Hello again!

I've been awfully remiss in blogging, apologies, but it's been a wee bit busy on my end of the world. I think I left off with moving in? Well, I'm definitely all moved in. I've even gone so far as to leave an actual mess in my flat this morning. I fell asleep doing the washing, and I managed to leave clothes all over the place. This is actually quite commonplace for me, but you can definitely tell I live there. My flat is a small studio solely reserved for me. I can't stand up in the shower without banging my head on the slanted ceiling, even at my height. It's actually a bath, really, but I have this small shower hookup thing that gives me a shower option. I'm thinking of just switching to baths because in the cold morning, it's best to be submerged in hot water. I have no fridge to speak of, but having a butcher right down the street and a grocery store around the corner makes it relatively simple for me to just buy meat on the days that I need it. But my flat is a perfect little place just for me in a pretty great location, so I'm stoked.

The past few days have just been settling in and going to class. My program is pretty small with around 30-something people, and 98% female. Naturally, with a class that small, we are all going to get to know each other and I've already met some great people. After the induction meeting yesterday, a group of us and two of the profs all went to the Med (a pub) and sat around and talked. It was great fun. My classes are only Tuesday through Thursday from 10-1 and 2-5, and we have several guest speaking events and other things going on at the same time. I've offered myself up as course representative, a pretty easy job they tell me, and I'm thinking of doing other outside things as well. Tomorrow I figure I will go up to the job shop on campus and see if there is a place on campus I might get a job. That would be an enormous help to the feed-Alicia fund.

The program is set up with a mind for the future, and we have some aspects paying particular attention tot he digital world. One of our course leaders  (profs) puts on events for something she calls 'The Digital Bookshop', and I plan on attending some of those. I'm not exactly a cheerleader for the digital aspect of publishing, but it is a major movement that any prospective employee needs to be aware of.

I haven't yet had internet set up in my flat, but I do have a date! It's on September 30th, with the wonderful broad time period of 8AM to 1pm. Fridays are my day off, so I'm a little peeved that I will have to be awake that early for someone who will get there whenever. But hey, INTERNET! I'm currently sitting up in the atrium (students center) on campus, roughly a mile's walk from where I live, so that I can have internet. At some point, yes, I will go home. The walk from the University to Bridge of Allan, however, is nice and lit up, so I may just stay here a little while. Or go back down to the Med and take advantage of their cheap student menu. I'll probably also go food shopping tomorrow so that I can start packing my lunch for school. How cute is that?

Other very useful things have occurred such as setting up a bank account and sorting out my financial aid and classes. I seemed to have turned into some sort of advanced adult, even though I've been handling these things for a while, anyway. Maybe being in another country makes you feel more grown up. For the next few days, my life will consist of puttering around different places for Wifi, gathering things and reading for class, sorting out my flat a little more, and other miscellaneous jobs. I'm headed to Glasgow on the train Saturday to visit various bookshops for class, as well as meeting a few group members in Stirling to do the same. Our first project as a group is to visit booksellers and create a powerpoint answering various marketing questions and such. Should be interesting, but it's another great excuse to be in a bookstore. Let's hope I don't spend all of my money on books.

Well, that's all I can really think for now. Yes, at some point I will take a little stroll around Bridge of Allan and put up pictures. Mayhaps that is what I will do on Sunday. Until next time.

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