Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And that's why they call me MacGyver.

Fair warning, this post will pretty much be about random stuff that's been on my mind for a while. And by a while I mean the last couple of minutes. You've been warned.

While back I started writing a post with the title "Shit I miss about Texas", but then I got sidetracked by something and forgot to post it. So here's the list:*

1. Dr. Pepper - To answer the question I know is coming, yes they have DP here. Does it taste the same? No. I'm ashamed of you for asking.

2. Not talking about the weather - I remember going an entire day without talking it, but now every conversation I have starts with something about the different weather. Oh, and it's cold. Sometimes it rains.  Other days I can actually see the sun. It sets at around 4:30. Assume that will not change for the next 4 months.

3. Warmth - While we're on the subject of weather...it's freaking COLD.

4. Not walking everywhere - I'm the laziest person I know. It's unjust.

5. Animals - For some reason people walking their dogs will cross to the other side of the street  before they pass me. Do I look like a dog thief? Honestly, I'm really not. Although I realize that my 'smiling at a stranger' face is weird. I sort of look like I'm in pain, but it's better than walking by and ignoring them completely. Or is it? I never know what the proper etiquette is for these things.

6. People who understand my need for zombie preparedness - I'm lookin' at you, family. This whole country is UNPREPARED.

7.  Working at nights - Two reasons. I had a kick-ass coworker and boss, and it gave me a reason to be awake at 4AM other than insomnia.

8. Proper cookware - I have a tiny oven/microwave that I'm pretty sure is giving me cancer as we speak and probably 3 pots, 2 skillets, no pans, and bunch of what I can only assume are casserole dishes. I don't really even like casserole, so those are pointless. I managed to find a 10inch skillet (which I had to convert to centimeters to buy, even though I think it's messed up they don't use inches here because those measurements came first), but I was being cheap and didn't get the top. Then I had to cook something that required me to cover it, and I realized I made a huge tactical error because the majority of things I'm going to cook in that skillet nee a top. So I thought I could use a plate, but those weren't big enough either. The casserole dish tops were useless, and I have no baking sheets so I used this giant glass cutting board. That totally worked. I'm like the MacGyver of cookware.

9. Netflix and Hulu - Seriously, those two companies suck for not being available over here. I feel like my mother's Netflix subscription is currently going to waste because I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who used the instant streaming and my mother finally watched ALL of the Criminal Minds seasons on DVD. Not that I blame her because I'm mostly in love with Spencer Reid AND the actor who plays him.

10. People who understand my need to finish lists in increments of 5 or 10. Also, did I just use the word increments incorrectly?

*Disclaimer: I still love Scotland and the people in it. I'll put that list up later.


I haven't had much sleep lately between the insomnia, week of migraines, and a crazy project I had to do involving international and US copyright policy. If someone asks me about copyright in the next two years, I might accidentally punch them in the face. I also managed to rack up 11 GBP (I have no idea how to make the British pound symbol on my keyboard) in library fines. I've learned that if it's not written on a post-it I won't remember it. I currently have 5 post-its stuck in various places of my apartment reminding me to do daily stuff, so maybe I should have written a post-it reminding me to write a post-it about the library books. The funny part is I didn't even read them. I think I must have checked them out too look smart since I broke my librarian-hipster glasses. Black plastic frames? Yeah, I bought those in high school before they were cool, I swear. Back when they were only associated with 'librarians', or 'sexy librarians' depending on how much cleavage you were showing that day. It was just 'librarian' for me. I was in band.

And that was the whole point of this post. The best part of today was the two cupcakes and two cookies I had. I don't feel guilty for eating them. I was hungry, and there are starving kids in Africa.

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